Manifestation ‘For the Life of the Nation!’


A wide revival manifestation ‘For the Life of the Nation!’ will take place at the Doma square

Several nongovernmental organisations (‘Association Family’, Janis Cakste Society of Democracy and Sustainable Development and others) invite granddads and grandmothers, repression and war survivors, future and present parents, youth, students and workers, teachers and medical workers, pastors and church members, intelligence and culture workers – people from all nationalities who love Latvia and are its patriots – to join a manifestation at the Doma square on 20 January to stir up once again the hope for the restoration of the nation and a unifying strength. It is time for Christians and church leaders of all denominations to actively join in prayers for the spiritual revival of our nation and unity to protect the basic values of democracy, a natural family, freedom of speech and faith. Let’s be together at the Doma square on the day of remembrance of the protectors of barricades - on 20 January from 15:00 till 16:30, when we will join together in a manifestation ‘For the Life of the Nation!’. Several people known in society will take part and give speeches in the manifestation – archbishop Zbignev Stanvevic, Latvian Auditor General Inguna Sudraba, film director Janis Streics, Lithuanian philosopher Avids Jozaitis and others who will remind of the basic values of democracy and the virtues that make a nation and country strong.

Let’s pray for this event in our churches and prayer meetings, so that it glorifies God and is a blessing to our nation, country and land.

Wishing God’s blessings,
Ilona Bremze


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