Invitation to Prayer Days May 13 and 14


Dear brother and sister,

In the Bible life is described as a journey.  How we live life is referred to as our walks.

A few months ago I had a deep conversation with a friend who has attended almost every Prayer Days since 1999. Even though he has benefited every time, he still remembers the very first Prayer Days which took place at the Belarus Hotel in Jurmala. What happened there?  How did we pray? Did God break through in a special way?

I remember inviting 70 pastors and was surprised when 107 showed up. We didn't have a special speaker or a worship team. We sang mostly acapela and songs were selected spontaneously by the participants. We sat in a big circle, each with Bibles in hand. Each session focused on personal and interpersonal prayer. We did have one presentation regarding Hope '99, but no preaching or teaching. With joy I watched barriers break down between Lutherans, Baptists, Salvation Army, Adventists, Pentecostals...between older and younger pastors...between Latvians and Russian speakers. There was a powerful time of reconciliation as Latvians laid hands on and blessed Russians. And Russians reciprocated. Really powerful.

We all have journeyed a long way since 1999 and there is no way we can recreate history or even the conditions of 1999. Each of our journeys has taken unexpected detours through valleys of despair, rivers of fear, mountains of joy and deserts of discouragement. We have not walked alone, but with our families, friends, church members, colleagues who have all changed a lot over the years. We have changed too. But the need for the Lord Jesus to travel with us has not changed.

Our theme this year will be "Journeys". We will spend MORE TIME IN PRAYER this year than in many years. We have not invited a special speaker. We will be inviting lots of people to share their journeys related to home, church, illness, temptations, conflicts, fears and even doubts. We will pray...really pray...for one another in personal and practical ways. We will pray for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. We will not only pray for personal matters of spirituality and our relationships with God, we will pray for God to guide us as Christian leaders in Latvia to more effectively be salt and light...not just in word and belief, but also in action, even bold action.

So you are invited to come. What to bring - a hungry heart, an open mind, a willing spirit, active ears, spirit-filled voices and even pillows for knees.

The date is: May 13 and 14 (ending late Tuesday)
The place is: Hotel “Arkadia” in Apšuciems, Tukums region (
The cost is: 45 Lats, for couples – 70 Lats  (if financial assistance is needed, please contact Vineta at Partneri office and we will try to find a way)

Please register via or +371 29481892
Please respond by May 6.

If you have a friend or colleague that you think should come, please let me know and invitations will be sent.

Wishing you blessings of the Lord
and looking forward to an answer from you
Chuck Kelley
President of Bridge Builders International and Founder of Partneri Association


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