Global Leadership Summit in Latvia


On 23 and 24 November already the second Global Leadership Summit (GLS) conference in Latvia will take place in Riga. It gives a unique chance to learn from world’s top leaders in different fields. Latvia is one of the 85 countries in which GLS conferences are taking place this year, inspiring and training around 450 000 local leaders. It is possible to sign up for the conference for a lower price until 20 October.

See you at the conference!

Some of the participants of the GLS 2011 conference:

Agnese Megne, director of Centre Against Abuse ’Dardedze’: ”I can assure you that from all the conferences I have been to, GLS has left the deepest and most enduring impact. Even half a year after the conference my batteries as a leader were charged with new ideas and lots of inspiration.”

Aldis Cimermanis, director of Ltd. UPPE
”Through the GLS conference God led me to make the most important business decision in my life – to take care of my family, which nobody can do in my place.”

Erberts Bikse, pastor of Riga Jesus Lutheran Church
”The experiences in the conference helped to realise that it is possible to put into practice the truths and principles of the Bible in everyday life – not stopping halfway through, but reaching the goal in the end.”

Linda Curika
, blogger and owner of
”I definitely recommend taking part in GLS, because it will be an event that will change if not your life, then at least your attitude; and if not attitude, then definitely encourage towards a good change.”

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