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Latvian Christian Mission
Vjacheslav Altuhov
Ivo Roders
Regional Secretary
117 Lacplesa street, Riga, LV 1003, Latvia
+371 29104309

On Board since: 16.10.02.

Latvian Christian Student Fellowhip
Kaspars Prusis
General Secretary of LKSB, Riga group
+371 29130210

LKSB are students - future teachers, journalists, medical doctors, pastors, CEOs, leaders, workers and others. Students are young people who make important choices during their study years, choices that affect and will affect their lives, their families,
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Bridge Builders International
Chuck Kelley
We build living bridges to Latvia...and from Latvia

The vision of Bridge Builders International is to see Latvia transformed by the love and power of Jesus Christ. To achieve this vision, our mission is to build Strategic Partnerships to offer ministries of Outreach
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Foundation Partners
Lienite Bemere
8 Alfreda Kalnina street, room No. 8, Riga, LV 1050, Latvia
+371 67284487

On Board since: 29.10.02.

Riga Pentecostal Church ”Dzivibas avots”
Modris Ozolinkevichs
99 Unijas street, Riga, LV 1084, Latvia
+371 29726559

Church purpose - to proclaim the gospel in the territory in which it operates, as well as acting on LPCA (Latvian Pentecostal Congregation association) guidelines, in other places. Congregation objectives include promoting
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Agape Latvia
Dennis Sink
Agape Latvia Director
Kr. Barona street 108/k-2, No. 16, Riga, LV 1001
+371 67315820

Agape Europe representation in Latvia (abbrev. Agape Latvia) is a branch of an international Christian educational non-profit organisation which has affiliates in almost all European countries.
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Jurmala Evangelical Church of Faith "Dzīvais Vārds" (Living Word)
Leonids Filemonovs
26 Terbatas street, Jurmala, LV 2015, Latvia
+371 29414201

On Board since: 25.11.03.

Ogre Evangelical baptist Church
Vadim Kovalev
Brivibas street 30, Ogre, LV 5001
+371 65023022
+371 28605440

On Board since: 14.03.06.

Crisis Pregnancy Center (CPC) Association
Judite Briede - Jurevica
Terbatas street 38-4 (entrance from gate columns), Riga, LV 1011
+371 67227033, +371 20421012

Association “Crisis Pregnancy Centre” is founded in order to provide advisory support to people who are going through crisis in cases of unplanned pregnancy or are suffering from consequences of abortion,
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O.A.C. in Latvia
Stuart Burnside
Board Chairman
Anninmuizas boulevard 28—83, Riga, LV 1067
+371 27061468

Darbības mērķi: Apvienot kristiešus, kuri atzīst vienus un tos pašus ticības principus, nolūkā veicināt savstarpējo sapratni un ciešākus kontaktus starp kristiešiem, veicinot ticības brīvību īstenošanu Latvijā;
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Riga International Bible institute
Dr.Viktor Petrenko
Marupes street 16, Riga, LV 1002
+371 67618618

Riga International Bible Institute (RIBI) has been working in Latvia for more than 15 years. That may not sound much by standards of the West, but in our part of the world it is a good length of time.
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Union ”Gaisma pasaulē” (Light in the World)
Aivars Alksnis
Board Chairman
174-5 Maskavas street, Riga, LV 1019, Latvia
+371 27175728

Vision: to help a person reach the call in to Christ.

On Board since:  06.12.10.

Association ”Children Worldwide” Latvia
Kristaps Aboltins
Camp manager
Vilandes street 9-1, Riga, LV 1010
+371 29570023

Our organization is a Christian organization, working to enhance the upbringing of children and young people by teaching them high ethical and moral standards. We work according to the child's spiritual,

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Publishing Teva mantojums (Father's legacy)
Natalija Silina
+371 26351990

Association “Father’s Legacy” is planning to popularise and communicate Christian values in various ways. We have intended to publish books, organise trainings and events, to form a network of people
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CBMC – Latvia
Andris Ozolins
Board Member
Unijas street 11a, Riga, LV 1039
+371 29207993

CBMC Latvia brings together entrepreneurs and professionals in various fields with the aim: to integrate biblical principles and faith in Jesus Christ in their professional activities.
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Salvation Army
Christine Bailey
Regional Leader
+371 67310036, fax: +371 67315266

To become an uncompromising, spiritual force, which in the power of the Holy Spirit sees individuals and communities transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ, growing continually in Christ likeness and power.
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ICEJ Latvia
Ilze and Maris Saulitis
Po.Box. 73, Riga, LV-1011
+371 25464561

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