History Makers EVENING


We are living in the middle of a broken and lost generation. There are hurt, lonely, abandoned people all around us. Lost children, rebellious youth, addicted fathers, mothers who do not care, destroyed families and broken relationships. Is there anything we can do?

We believe that God is calling young people all around the world to wake up. He is stirring our hearts to be the light and the salt. God has a dream and a vision. He wants to fill our hearts with His desires so that we can be used by Him in His kingdom!

History Makers is a call for this generation to wake up. We want to see a generation rising up and taking this land for Christ. In a year’s time we have been in 6 cities and in each one of them we had one longing in our hearts - ”Wake up my soul, wake up!” Where are those who will change the nation? Where are those who will not be afraid? Where are the real history makers?

Ask, and I will give you the nations as your inheritance, the whole earth as your possession. /Ps.2:8/

Nearest History Makers events:

History Makers EVENING: Daugavpils – 8 December 2012, at 17:00. Address: ”New Life” church, 195b, 18 Novembra street, Daugavpils


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