Global Leadership Summit, Riga, Latvia 11 - 12.11.


GLS on 11th to 12th of November, Riga

Lead where you are!

Changes in the church, organization, and in society begins with changes in their leaders.

At the time when Latvia and the world is faced with economical, political, social and spiritual challenges, it is important not to give up but continue to grow and become increasingly more efficient managers of our life and career field. The leader not only sees the deficiencies, but also sets targets for further development, taking the initiative and is able to involve others in achieving them. Such leaders are needed today.

Global Leadership Summit (GLS) is an international movement that has been operating since 1995, mobilizating world-class management experts to train and equip leaders. GLS video conferences takes place in more than 70 countries around the world every Year.

GLS members belong to different cultures, ethnic groups, languages, Christian denominations and professions. However, they share one goal - to maximize the quality of its management entrusted themselves in the field.

Global Leadership Summit in Latvia will inspire you, encourage to go beyond your comfort zone and help you prepare for your life's unique mission. If you realize yourself as leader, this conference is for you and it will help you to become a more effective manager in your life and in your professional field.

Themes and Speakers:

  • Holy Discontent - Bill Hybels

  • Just Courage: Charging the Darkness - Gary Haugen

  • From Good to Great - Jim Collins

  • Focused Leadership: My Best Leadership Decision - Andy Stanley

  • Leading People to the Prodigal God - Tim Keller

  • Leader to Leader - Jack Welch with Bill Hybels

  • Exclusive interview with BONO - BONO with Bill Hybels

  • From Here to There - Bill Hybels

GLS will be held on 11th to 12th of November, at Church "Laba vēsts" in Riga, Unijas Street 99

Registration info:
+371 67284452
+371 29368831


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