Career Direct® seminar in Riga 8 to 10th of November 2012


Crown Europe is honored and excited to present the Career Direct® Consultant Training for the first time in Latvia. Dr. Jan Strydom, Global VP – Career Development (Atlanta, USA), will be joining us for this special time of equipping.

The Career Direct® Guidance System can assist a scholar, student or employee along the path of educational and career fulfilment by gathering a valuable collection of information about the person that he or she can use immediately!  It also helps with discovering things about themselves that they never knew and/or to get confirmation about issues they suspected about themselves. The Career Direct® Guidance System is a self-assessment tool that evaluates a person’s personality, interests, skills and values.
For more detailed information about registration, venue, prices, payment, travel instructions, etc., visit: Career Direct® Consultants Training – Riga 2012


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